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Patient Administration & Scheduling
Cellma’s PAS module is a core module which manages all processes related to Registration, Admission, Discharge and Transfer transactions (RADT) of patients in Cellma.…Read More
Cellma’s ePharmacy and ePrescribing modules ensure all processes associated with the creation and dispensing of patient prescriptions are managed to ensure quality, safety and efficiency for all dispensed items.…Read More
Pathology and Blood Bank
The Pathology module allows laboratories to process and report on all tests requested from healthcare professionals within or outside of their network. All test requests and reports are managed electronically enabling the creation of a paperless or paper-light environment.…Read More
Imaging Management
The Imaging module allows healthcare professionals to efficiently manage all imaging requests, results and reports across their organisation.…Read More
Electronic Patient Record
The EPR module is used to capture information from patients throughout the care pathway, regardless of where the services are delivered.…Read More
Results Management
Cellma Results Management module generates a list of patients daily who have been tested positive or whose results are outside normal range. HIV and STI treatment can be prescribed, administered and dispensed using predefined protocols set by local requirements.…Read More
Offers a unique function to share information via patient portal, patient app, text or email and is used to communicate with the patient for appointment reminders, results, treatment options and repeat prescriptions. All conversations are automatically recorded within the patient’s profile in Cellma.…Read More
Ward & Bed Management
Cellma’s Ward & Bed Management module allows ward staff to manage all aspects of ward administration using specially designed user friendly graphical interfaces.…Read More
Theatre & Surgery
Cellma’s Theatre and Surgery module gives surgical teams the facilities to effectively manage patients through the surgical pathway from emergency, trauma and elective surgery to post-operative care.…Read More
Supplies & Inventory Management
Cellma’s Supplies & Inventory Management module allows healthcare professionals to monitor all stock and inventory requirements across every clinical department in their organisation.…Read More
Finance Billing & Insurance
Cellma’s Finance, Billing & Insurance module provides the ability for patients to be billed for each item of service delivered. Insurance claims can be generated based on the contracts the service provider has with the insurer and the type of policy that the patient is registered with. Payments can be processed and allocated to the relevant accounts for each invoice or claim generated.Reports on service expenditure can be generated and broken down at the patient’s level in order to allow optimal management of resources and meet local and national requirements of service commissioners.…Read More
Document Managment
Cellma’s document management module allows users to scan patient case notes and correspondence directly into the patient record. This can be achieved using scanners configured to integrate Cellma.…Read More
Patient Online Access
Cellma’s iPROMs module is an innovative platform for the collection of clinical data through the completion of PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) and PREMs (Patient Reported Experience Measures). Created due to the growing realisation that patients’ views on their care are an essential component in assessing the quality of healthcare, iPROMs streamlines the process of collection and analysis involved.…Read More
Business Intelligence & Reporting
Cellma’s Reporting module allows organisations to report and monitor all aspects of their organisation.…Read More