Consultancy Services

Over the last 18 years, RioMed has developed a significant knowledge base in deploying clinical applications in a variety of environments around the world. Our trained team of consultants can add significant value to your organisation in the development and deployment of risk as well as change management strategies specific to your local environment.

Risk Management

The identification and management of risk is essential in the implementation of new applications. Our vast experience and knowledge bank allows us to develop and deploy strategies to mitigate risk identified. These activities will include:

  • Identification and definition of risk
  • Maintaining a risk register
  • Ownership of risk
  • Estimation and evaluation of size and impact
  • Plan to mitigate
  • Management of the risk
Change Management

The resistance to change is the single most important reason why implementation of new systems into healthcare settings runs into difficulty. All members of the multidisciplinary team need to be involved in the process and sensitised to the changes that are required. Their engagement is essential for the implementation process to be successful.

Changes required for the successful implementation would need to take place at the:

  • Organisational level
  • Operational level
  • Stakeholder level

Our methodologies are robust and include, process mapping, re-engineering, leadership, change champions, the use of incentives and scorecards for monitoring performance.

Digital Hospital Solution
The move from a paper based to paperless environment will provide many challenges to the healthcare provider. For example, where to start? Which records will need to be scanned? How far back should you go? Which scanners do you use? How will this integrate with current health information systems? These are all questions which require careful thought and consideration. Our resources, knowledge and experience will provide comprehensive guidance on this journey to a paperless environment and into a fully digitalised hospital.

Benefits Realisation
Benefits are the main driver of our implementation strategy and their identification sets the targets and objectives for the project. In order to achieve the potential benefits, a general process is adopted. This includes the identification of benefits: profiling these and incorporating them into a time plan; monitoring the progress of the programme through milestone achievements and finding quantifiable ways to measure the benefits of implementing Cellma, within your organisation in order to meet targets, as depicted in the diagram below.

At RioMed, we know that one size does not fit all and believe that your organisation deserves a tailored, enterprise-based solution for successful healthcare. Key to RioMed software implementations, and your realisation of all these benefits, are our intuitive driven project teams, with experience in the health sector. They are able to provide close supervision and a real-time response and support of capacity building within the health environment.

benefits realisation