Clinical Solutions

Our clinical solutions are used to manage all services delivered by the given speciality. Clinical areas where we have delivered specific solutions are defined below.

Accident & Emergency

Our applications are used to manage both adult and paediatric services. We use CTAS triage systems to determine the level of injury. Alerts are generated to remind staff when reassessments are required. Users can embed their own enhanced assessment protocols, care pathways and work-lists within the applications.

Acute & Chronic
RioMed has deployed our application to manage pain in the acute setting and chronic pain in the community. In the acute environment nurses are provided with handheld devices to assess and manage patients by the bedside. Nurses in the community use a variety of devices including, tablets, and laptops to deliver services to patients across wide geographical areas.
Behavioral Health
RioMed has delivered behavioural health services in the acute and community settings. Healthcare practitioners may choose to use our standard assessments or adjust these to meet their requirements. Providers may choose to use this as a standalone module or integrate this with other Cellma modules.

RioMed has established assessments for the management of cardiovascular diseases, heart failure and cardiac rehabilitation. The application has tools to predict cardiovascular events. Healthcare practitioners can define their protocols, care pathways, work-lists, letters and reports based on templates provided. Providers may choose to use this as a standalone module or integrate this with other Cellma modules.


Cellma has a full dental module which can be used as a standalone application or be integrated with other Cellma modules. This can be used in acute and community settings. The module allows full assessments including charting of dental examinations, recording procedures and discharge planning.


This application allows dieticians to set meal types and meal packages for the kitchen staff to prepare. It allows patients to select their meal choices which automatically creates orders for the kitchen staff. It allows managers to track grocery items as they are being used by the kitchen staff. Inventory reports are emailed to managers at midnight. Providers may choose to use this as a standalone module or integrate this with other Cellma modules.

Endocrinology and Diabetes

We provide off-the-shelf solutions for diabetes and other endocrine disorders. Providers may use our assessments, or alter these to meet their specific requirements. Patients can access and update their records using our online portal.

General Practice

Cellma is being deployed to manage and integrate services delivered over wide geographical areas in polyclinics, health centres, district health facilities and minor injuries units. Cellma is preloaded with assessments for the management of acute illness and chronic diseases for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, health visitors, district nurses, podiatry, audiology and behavioural health.


The Pathology module allows laboratories to process and report on all tests requested from healthcare professionals within or outside of their network. All test requests and reports are managed electronically enabling the creation of a paperless or paper-light environment. Cellma LIS will integrate with your existing lab analysers to ensure a seamless transfer of information to the hospital systems. Providers may choose to use this as a standalone module or integrate this with other Cellma modules.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

RioMed has deployed Cellma to manage obstetrics and gynaecology services for outpatients, inpatients and OB&G clinics. We have developed standardised assessments that can be used for antenatal, during labour and post-natal care.

Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal disorders

Our solutions can be used to manage all services delivered by an orthopaedic department, including trauma and planned surgery. We also manage patient follow-up for PROMs and PREMs for all procedures using validated scoring tools. Whiteboards can be used to move patients dynamically.


Our applications are used to manage all aspects of patient care delivered by oncology services. Referrals are triaged depending on presenting complaints and fast tracked as appropriate. Assessments are carried out by the multidisciplinary team through one stop clinics. Our integrated imaging and cytology services allow rapid diagnosis and treatment. The patient portal allows patients to be in control of updating their clinical record, which can generate alerts to the multidisciplinary team.

Elderly Care

RioMed has been providing applications for the management of elderly care services to include: Parkinson’s disease, heart failure, stroke, hypertension, falls and osteoporosis. Our solutions can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of the various teams in elderly care.

Osteoporosis and Fracture liaison services

RioMed was initially founded delivering fracture liaison services across the UK and Ireland. We have specific assessments for managing falls and fragility fractures. We have toolkits that can be used to set-up falls and fracture liaison services, osteoporosis screening programmes and managing falls risk.


RioMed has experience in providing, accident and emergency, general paediatric services, paediatric HIV services, inpatient services and school health programmes all integrated to provide a holistic view of care, regardless of where services have been delivered.


Cellma’s ePharmacy and ePrescribing modules ensure all processes associated with the creation and dispensing of patient prescriptions are managed to ensure quality, safety and efficiency across all aspects of the pharmacy process. Providers may choose to use this as a standalone module or integrate this with other Cellma modules.

RioMed have deployed our solutions in the prison environment to be used by healthcare professionals for the treatment and management of inmates. Our customised assessments can be used as off-the-shelf solutions or can be tailored to meet the requirements of the local providers.
The Imaging module allows healthcare professionals to efficiently manage all imaging requests, results and reports across their organisation. Our radiology module will integrate with your existing PACS and hospital systems. Providers may choose to use this as a standalone module or integrate this with other Cellma modules.
RioMed has well established assessments used for all aspects for rheumatology, osteoarthritis, lupus, osteoporosis and musculoskeletal disorders. All tools required for monitoring the disease are embedded into the application.
School nursing
Our community nursing module is used in schools to deliver services to children aged between 3 to 18. School nurses access paediatric records from the health community. These records can be viewed and updated by school nurses involved in pre-school assessments, vaccination programmes, dental services etc. In cases of emergency, these records are available for staff in accident and emergency departments.
Sexual health
Cellma is being used to manage sexual health and HIV services internationally. We have a variety of assessments which can be used by all grades of healthcare professionals depending on their skill-set. The application will text and email results and reminders for follow-up services. Providers can choose to use the online patient portal with this module, which allows patients to book services online, order repeat prescriptions and provide feedback. Reminder texts and emails are also sent to patients.
Stroke and Rehabilitation services
We have defined assessments specific for managing stroke and TIA clinics. Our application can be used to manage all aspects of the stroke services, including Accident and Emergency visits, Inpatient stay, discharge planning, Rehabilitation and outpatient follow-up.
Case note tracking
This module is used by medical reports departments to register and track all case notes for patients attending the health facility and utilises barcode capabilities. Users have to check-in and check-out all case notes for clinical locations and wards. Alerts are created and reports generated for all outstanding case notes not returned to the medical records department or appropriate location.
Ward and Bed Management
Cellma’s Ward & Bed Management module allows ward staff to manage all aspects of ward administration using specially designed user-friendly graphical interfaces. This module can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with other Cellma modules. Real-time bed status is available to managers along with the resourcing available on each ward. Email reports are sent to managers at midnight to provide a full update on the bed occupancy levels across all inpatient health facilities.
Finance Insurance and Billing
Cellma’s Finance, Billing & Insurance module is used to deliver patient level costing services. It generates invoices and provides the functionality to collect payments for each patient episode delivered. These invoices can be generated individually or collectively and sent to the relevant payers, insurers or commissioners. Reports can be generated on the level of expenditure required to deliver the services provided. The module will integrate with your accounting packages and providers may choose to use this as a standalone module or integrate this with other Cellma modules.
Cellma’s iPROMs module is an innovative platform for the collection of clinical data through the completion of PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) and PREMs (Patient Reported Experience Measures). Created due to the growing realisation that patients’ views on their care are an essential component in assessing the quality of healthcare, iPROMs streamlines the process of collection and analysis involved. Providers may choose to use this as a standalone module or integrate this with other Cellma modules.