Frequently Asked Questions
Does patient data remain confidential?
Having worked with the NHS RioMed is fully aware of the necessity for maintaining data confidentiality and security. Besides being registered under the Data Protection Act to hold personal information we also operate a rigorous data security protocol.
Is there training in the use of your software?
Yes, all sites that install our software are invited to RioMed Head Office in Southampton for training. Our IT help desk is always at hand for any future questions.
How good is the back-up if I install one of RioMed's software products?
All our products have been thoroughly tested and there should be no problems. However, in addition to FAQ’s which can be found on this site, and a Forum where any issues can be discussed with other users, we have a dedicated IT help desk to sort out any issues you may encounter.
Is RioMed independent from the pharmaceutical industry?
Yes, RioMed’s National Nurse Network provide a team of nurses to work in healthcare settings without prejudicing their professional integrity to provide a truly independent service.
What is RioMed Ltd?

RioMed Ltd specialises in the management of health care to reduce cost and improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

Our IT department specialises in producing dedicated software programs to support this.