iproms1What is iPROMs?

Cellma’s iPROMS module is an innovative platform for the collection of clinical data through the completion of PROMS (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) and PREMs (Patient Reported Experience Measures). Created due to the growing realisation that patient’s views on their care are an essential component in assessing the quality of healthcare, iPROMS streamlines the process of collection and analysis involved.

Standardised PROMS and PREMS are able to be created and adapted electronically within Cellma in line with validated outcome measures, such as Oxford Scores, by users. Patients can be asked to fill out your tailored PROMS and PREMS via the internet, at home or in hospital, using a variety of devices including personal apps, computers, tablets PCs or kiosks. Data collected in these user-defined questionnaires in automatically input and analysed producing alphanumeric and graphical reports for appraisal and commissioners. The type of questions can be altered and defined by the user in order to tailor the questionnaire, allowing the user to make them disease specific or generic. Questionnaires are automatically generated and sent out by iPROMS to patients, and alerts cane be set up to notify of responses outside of normal thresholds.

Analysing patients’ response to treatment in this way facilitates the remote monitoring of patients, i.e. out of hospital and can significantly reduce the number of follow-ups required for routine procedures.