Cellma Patient App, User App and Patient Portal

October 9, 2017 no comments News

Whether you are a doctor or a patient, there is the chance that mobile health (mHealth) apps may be something new for you. With various mHealth apps out there in the market it is hard to know where to find the information you need.

Today, patients want to book their appointments at the most convenient location without having to pick up the phone. They want to examine their health records, medication and tests online. They want an easy flow of communication with their doctors.

When a patient visits a hospital, they are inundated with information with not much time to fully digest it. They are told about their medication, how to take care of themselves at home, when their next appointment is, and the to-do list goes on. Wouldn’t it be great if they could have access to this information at any time?

What do we offer?

Cellma offers many unique functions, for example our patient portal, patient app, text and email can be used to communicate with the patient for appointment reminders, results, treatment options and repeat prescriptions. Health Professionals can interact with the patient via the instant messaging live chat, using Cellma via our mobile phone app. All conversations are automatically recorded within the patient’s profile in Cellma, so that they can review their communications at a later date.

Patients can access this information via our online portal or download the mobile app to register and choose the most convenient location for their clinic appointment, request repeat prescriptions or order test kits, where appropriate.

Additional benefits of the Cellma mHealth app is its integration with other healthcare systems. When Healthcare Professionals are given the ability to access a patient’s shared electronic health records, precision medicine will really start to take off. This access, combined with apps which improve communications, will transform healthcare in future.

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