Streamlining accessibility to Healthcare

October 16, 2017 no comments News
Streamlining accessibility to Healthcare

Healthcare environments are complicated. Effective and timely communication between Healthcare Professionals and patients is important. Manual scheduling of appointments is time consuming for both clerical staff and the patient. The move to digital management systems gives hospitals and clinics freedom from the complexities of the management and storage of paper-based documents.

Solutions by Cellma

Cellma’s innovative web-based platform is designed to manage and facilitate efficient healthcare processes. Those processes related to patient registration, appointment booking and waiting room management are key to running effective clinics. Cellma’s Patient Online Booking system enables patients to access appointment scheduling which has been optimised for use with various devices including computers, tablets, phones and kiosks. This has proven to successfully decrease patient waiting times and increase efficiency across sites.

As Cellma is completely web-based, patients can be safely granted access to specific sections of their electronic health records online. This can typically include appointment scheduling, medication, repeat prescription requests and may include feedback. Healthcare professionals decide and tailor which aspects of a patient’s record are viewable and patients are provided with secure log-in details for access via computers, tablets, phones or kiosks.

In providing this service, hospitals and Healthcare Professionals can save on administrative and clinical time spent on the maintenance and updating of patient records as well as providing better appointment and medication management. Patients appreciate user-friendly access to services online.

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