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Consultancy Services
Over the last 18 years, RioMed has developed a significant knowledge base in deploying clinical applications in a variety of environments around the world. Our trained team of consultants can add significant value to your organisation in the development and deployment of risk as well as change management strategies specific to your local environment.Read More

Clinical Solutions

RioMed can provide clinical departments with off-the-shelf applications for a wide variety of specialities. These include: Accident and Emergency, Rheumatology, Diabetes, Cardiology, Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal disorders, Elderly care, Osteoporosis, Fracture liaison services, Stoke, Paediatric, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Oncology, Ward and Bed Management, Dietetics, Case note tracking, Sexual health, Acute and Chronic Pain, School nursing, General Practice, Dental, Behavioural health, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Finance, Insurance and Billing, PROMs, PREMS, and Prisons.Read More

GIS Reporting

RioMed has a team of specialists to map diagnoses, injuries and presenting complaints, collected during clinical consultations, to local areas within defined geographical borders. This helps planners to identify disease hotspots in real-time and rapidly deploy strategies to control the spread of diseases or the prevention of injuries.Read More

Paperless Solutions

RioMed provides document management solutions integrated with its clinical applications. These integrated solutions provide the platform for hospitals, health facilities and primary care clinics to move to digitalised environment, where paper records can be phased out and over time be completely eradicated.Read More


Our solutions are deployed with an integration engine, which provides interoperability with other third-party systems deployed in the health environment. We provide standard interfaces using, HL7, XML, JDBC, ODBC, SOAP or bespoke interfaces to meet the local requirements. We currently deploy interfaces to Master patient indexes, finance & accounting systems, insurance applications, Laboratory, PACs, Pharmacy, inpatient dispensing systems, Electronic Patient Records and Patient portals. Read More

Cloud Solutions

RioMed provide a series of options for clients to deploy clinical applications and patient portals via the cloud. Our cloud solutions significantly reduce the start-up cost for healthcare providers to move to a digitalised environment. We have a range of solutions to meet the requirements of local healthcare providers regardless of size.Read More