Patient Portal

Patient involvement is greatly encouraged in Cellma through patient feedback, patient self-registration and patient access to certain aspects of their patient record.

Our patient modules have been tested on 60 to 90 year olds to ensure maximum take-up of online access and kiosks usage. In addition, Cellma interfaces are rendered in a variety of formats to ensure high levels of usability for its target audience.

Cellma’s iPROMS module is an innovative platform for the collection of clinical data through the completion of PROMS (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) and PREMs (Patient Reported Experience Measures). Created due to the growing realisation that patient’s views on their care are an essential component in assessing the quality of healthcare, iPROMS streamlines the process of collection and analysis involved.
Patient Feedback
Bespoke patient feedback questionnaires are created at an individual, service and organisational level. Questionnaires are designed according to the organisation’s specific requirements and can be used to monitor patient feedback e.g. for treatment progress, satisfaction and medication management. Our implementation strategies ensure that we deploy a dedicated project manager to work with your organisation on the design and unique requirements of your questionnaires. All patient feedback questionnaires are accessed on user friendly screens and platforms, and can be accessed by the patient online, at kiosks and on touch screen devices to target high response rates.
Patient Online Booking
Cellma’s Online Booking System is an innovative web-based platform designed to manage and facilitate processes related to patient registration and waiting room management. Cellma’s patient online booking system has been proven to successfully decrease patient queuing times and increase efficiency across all our sites. Patients access a system that is optimised for use on touch screens and a variety of devices including computers, tablets, phones and kiosks.
Patient Online Access / Medical Records
As Cellma is a completely web-based solution, patients can be safely granted access to specific sections of their electronic health records online. Healthcare professionals decide and tailor which aspects of a patient’s record are viewable to the patient themselves and patients are provided with secure log in details for access on computers, tablets, phones or kiosks.

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