Patient Online booking

Cellma’s Online Booking System is an innovative web-based platform designed to manage and facilitate processes related to patient registration and waiting room management. Cellma’s patient online booking system has been proven to successfully decrease patient queuing times and increase efficiency across all our sites. Patients access a system that is optimised for use on touch screens and a variety of devices including computers, tablets, phones and kiosks.

Patients follow a step by step process to self- register into a service or hospital. A duplication checker ensures that only one record is held per patient containing all demographic information. Unique Cellma IDs are generated and used in connection with NHS, hospital and local patient identifiers to locate patient records quickly.

Cellma’s Out Patient Self-Registration System creates a safe, paperless environment, reducing the administrative burden and the need for risk management. Alerts drive information to healthcare professionals on call to ensure rapid access to clinical information about critically ill patients.

Through time saving ward coordination processes, staff are able to devote more time to patient care and increase patient satisfaction ratings. Post implementation of Cellma, patient satisfaction rates increase to an average of 85%.