Business Intelligence & ReportingBUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & REPORTING

Cellma monitors data quality through accurate and concise reporting on any aspect of the solution, adhering to national, statutory and locally defined requirements. There are three levels of reporting available:

Dashboards (administrative and clinical): Provide a dynamic snapshot of user defined variables that are delivered as standard or easily customised by the user to fulfil their specific reporting requirements.

Advanced patient search: Represents Cellma’s ad-hoc reporting ability and allows users to generate specialised reports in real time. Users can define the parameters on which the report is based to generate tabular or graphic reports on any aspect of their clinical service.

Pre-defined Reports: These pre-defined reports set by the user in advance are often used to meet statutory or research requirements. Clients can write these reports in-house or RioMed can set Cellma to deliver them to the user at regular intervals.

All reports are designed to facilitate rapid understanding for the professional involved and are available in graphical and alphanumeric exportable formats.

Cellma uses GIS technology to geographically map patient details to indicate the prevalence of a particular diagnosis in an area as well as highlighting those groups most at risk to prevent its spread.

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