Cellma’s document management module allows users to scan patient case notes and correspondence directly into the patientrecord. This can be achieved using scanners configured to integrate Cellma. Cellma document management module allows all patients’ case history files to be scanned and uploaded onto the patient’s records. This allows hospitals and clinic staff to have a fully integrated view of the patient’s current and past medical history. All users will be able to view the uploaded documents from any terminal where Cellma can be accessed. Users can simply scan a document or print special Cellma cover sheets and place these as separators between different sections of the patent files to be scanned. These files will be converted to PDFs at the time of scanning. A naming convention is applied to the scanned file. This file is read by Cellma and automatically inserted into the patient’s record. Files can be separated into standard or service defined categories: e.g. referral letters, past medical history, medications, examinations, investigations results, finance & insurance, reports etc. This separation allows clinical staff to rapidly access the relevant portions of the patient’s records. This scanning and document management functionality allows medical records and other clerical staff to upload documents for large numbers of patients without accessing each patient’s record. Files are stored to specially configured servers for rapid retrieval, storage and archive.

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