The imaging management module allows healthcare professionals to efficiently manage all imaging requests, results and reports across their organisation. Imaging requests generated in Cellma or from 3rd party systems are authenticated, processed and linked to the patient’s record to avoid human error.

Cellma is entirely DICOM compliant and facilitates efficient archiving for any size of organisation. Imaging annotation and 3D imaging allow for detailed collaboration between imaging and medical professionals over any geographical location.

As is the case with all Cellma modules full reporting and integration is available. There are 3 levels of reporting available in Cellma; Customisable Dashboards, Ad-hoc reporting and pre-defined detailed reports. Cellma’s reporting is designed to facilitate rapid understanding for the professional involved to meeting all local, national, research and statutory requirements.Cellma modules can be deployed as standalone systems or integrated with other Cellma modules or third party systems including PAS; E-prescribing and Laboratory modules,the result is seamless integrated paperless care across the health organisation.

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