PATHOLOGYPathology and Blood Bank

The Pathology module allows laboratories to process and report on all tests requested from healthcare professionals within or outside of their network. All test requests and reports are managed electronically enabling the creation of a paperless or paper-light environment. Cellma LIS will integrate with your existing lab analysers to ensure a seamless transfer of information to the Hospital systems. Our integrated blood bank module provides a donor register, screening and storage for blood products. Clients may choose to use this as a standalone module or integrate these with other Cellma modules.

Links to stock control insure that any consumables used during the testing process are monitored. Test results are linked directly back to the patient’s record enabling effective communication of test outcomes to patients via text message, letter or email. Healthcare professionals who request tests as high priority can be automatically notified of the result.

The blood bank module provides screening of donors to meet international requirements. Registers are created with for all donors to facilitate easy access in cases of emergency. The integrated stock modules allow clinical teams to view what’s in the blood bank. The monitoring tools allow laboratory staff to active manages the temperature of all blood storage facilities.

As is the case with all Cellma modules full reporting and integration is available. There are 3 levels of reporting available in Cellma; Customisable Dashboards, Ad-hoc reporting and pre-defined detailed reports. Cellma’s reporting is designed to facilitate rapid understanding for the professional involved to meeting all local, national, research and statutory requirements. Cellma modules can be deployed as standalone systems or integrated with other Cellma modules or third party systems; the result is seamless integrated paperless care across the health organisation.

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