PATIENT ADMINISTRATION & SCHEDULINGPatient Adminstration & Scheduling

Cellma’s Patient Administration and Scheduling (PAS) module allows a health organisation to handle all Registration, Admission, Discharge and Transfer (RADT) transactions. It takes users through a step by step process to register patients into a service or hospital, using a duplication checker to ensure that there is one record for all demographic details per patient. In addition to the national I.D. number, unique identifiers are used to ensure correct patient identification. Health cards and barcode technology are utilised to provide rapid access to patient records held in Cellma. Our centralised booking system allows appointments to be scheduled for multiple healthcare professionals over many locations and can connect to national services such as Choose & Book in the NHS. Patients are able to self-register and book appointments online  or in kiosks at clinics. Appointment reminders can be automatically generated and sent to the patient via text, email or letter.

Cellma’s PAS module facilitates hassle free transfers, automatically updating the patient’s details (Including any special requirements) to the new service. Once discharged, Cellma is able to automatically generate discharge summaries, letters for GPs and information for the patient and/or carer which are saved into the patient record. Cellma’s PAS module can be utilised for efficient waiting room management and patient involvement is greatly encouraged in Cellma. Examples of this include self-registration (link to patient portal page, online booking) and use of self-triage facilities both online and on user-friendly touch screen devices in clinic. Information is actively driven to the patient through texts or emails to alert of medication reviews or irregular investigation results. Patient level costing associated with all RADT episodes is monitored for reporting purposes.

As is the case with all Cellma modules, full reporting and integration is available. There are 3 levels of reporting available in Cellma; Customisable Dashboards, Ad-hoc Reporting and pre-defined detailed reports. Cellma’s reporting is designed to facilitate rapid understanding for the professional involved to meeting local, national, research and statutory requirements.

Cellma’a PAS module provides patient safety throughout a service by ensuring a one patient, one record system allowing the correct patient record to be accessed every time, lessening the administrative burden.

All Cellma modules can be deployed as standalone systems or integrated with other Cellma modules or third party systems including EPR; E-prescribing, Laboratory and Imaging modules, the result is seamless integrated paperless care across the health organisation.

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