Sexual Health

Introducing Cellma, our clinical management software, configured for Sexual Health services. Our solution is specifically designed to support multi-disciplinary teams treating STI and HIV patients efficiently and effectively, whilst delivering the cost savings required.



Efficiency – Cellma improves efficiency within services by eradicating duplication. All interactions with a patient at any clinic location with any clinician are documented in one record. Cellma’s comprehensive reporting module ensures accurate and timely reporting to the relevant statutory national and institutional bodies.




Paperless – Helping clinics move towards a paperless or paper light environment. Everything about a patient is held within Cellma, from medications, to test results to imaging and letters.



Easy accessibility

Easy accessibility – Cellma is accessible to both clinicians and clerical personnel regardless of clinic location. Remotely they can communicate with patients via text, email or chat. Patients can also communicate easily via the online portal or mobile app, enabling them to book or change appointments, order repeat prescriptions or test kits, receive results and treatment options.



Chat functionality

Chat functionality – The instant messaging chat facility allows clinicians to initiate communications with a patient, another user or group of users. All the correspondence is then logged in the relevant Patient Record for future reference.




Accuracy – Cellma can automatically generate bills based on diagnostic codes which can be used to create accurate invoices to your commissioners. It can also provide patient level costing to track the exact cost of each patient episode. This will help profitability of your service.



Happy patient

Happy Patient – Cellma’s implementation for Sexual Health improves the patient’s experience. Effective communication is a key element. Not only is their care more efficient and effective, they have the flexibility of where and how they access the service.



Download the Sexual Health White Paper-SHS