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How RioMed's HIMS solution Cellma, supports Accident and Emergency department 

Communication is vital throughout a patient's time in A&E (Accident and Emergency). Cellma manages all aspects of the patient journeyin A&E – from the ambulance to admission, treatment to discharge and referral to reporting. Cellma makes communication simple with secure channels via portal/app for hospital staff to discuss with ambulance personnel, specialist staff throughout the hospital and additional sections such as labs and imaging.  

Time is of the essence when it comes to treating and referring the patient to their next step. Cellma's tailored assessments increase efficiency and connect with any device for on-the-go monitoring and real-time triage. Combined with screen alerts for nurses and automated patient handovers for end-of shifts and ward transfers, the time usually spent on assessing, treating, and handing over is drastically reduced.  

Capturing data from admission to referral  

When a patient is registered with Cellma, their data is captured and will link to their entire patient record. Information collected, such as patient location within the department, demographics, patient handovers and patient-level costing, are essential for the everyday workings of staff on shift.  

 Cellma's Reporting module also captures all information for national and local data sets to produce real-time reports. These reports can take shape in the form of activities, national targets, location targets, geo-mapping of an accident and communicable disease hotspots. With this information, A&E departments can become service areas that tend effectively to acute issues and play a vital part in preventative care.  

Cellma's A&E service benefits include, but are not limited to, the triage process, waiting room management, embedded Case/risk Identification tools, design and recording of multifactorial risk assessments, recording of multifactorial interventions, injury Surveillance, public health monitoring, patient level costing of assessment and intervention process, automatic generation of letters/forms and real-time reporting to mobile phones. 


How can Cellma, RioMed’s all- in one HIMS solution help to overcome the challenges faced in cardiology care and cardiothoracic surgery to improve patient care  


Cellma and its supporting solutions manage every aspect of the process in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery. Beginning with referrals and admissions, Cellma’s EPR (electronic patient record) module ensures all patient information is kept in one place maintaining the philosophy of one patient, one record. All authorised healthcare professionals can access this information, making it simple and easy for different cardiologists/cardiothoracic surgeons or nurses coming on shift to handover. These records provide all the patient data from pre-operative assessments and imaging studies to surgical notes and post-operative care plans to ensure a smooth collaboration between the surgical team, hence making informed decisions. From here, the PAS (patient administration and scheduling) takes care of booking appointments and managing inpatient’s schedules. 

For cardiologists, surgeons and their teams, customisable assessments ensure consistency of data, and that no symptom is missed and treated properly. Following assessment lists of positive results for tests which are outside normal ranges speed up the process for diagnoses and referral onto the next action. 

When it comes to administration in cardiology department, depending on the structure of the healthcare institution, it can be complex. Cellma aims to reduce this time and resource down by sending out automatic patient letters and summaries. Finally, it also keeps track and can be used to produce invoices for procedures, drugs or any other costs that may have to be charged to the patient. 

Cardiology-specific features that make a difference 

Within Cellma, as well as the more general modules there are also several features which lend themselves directly to cardiology. This is especially true with inpatients, with modules that manage and monitor heart failure and cardiac rehab patients. To give them the best care linking to catheterization and imaging systems is also essential. Cellma integrates with these systems to ensure swift collection of results and that they are stored in the patient record. Finally, monitor integration and real-time alerts help healthcare professionals manage their caseloads and check their statistics on the go. 

Data-Driven Insights for Cardiology 

With cardiology-based conditions making up a large percentage of health issues and mortality rates, data and reporting is essential. All data stored in Cellma is available for viewing in our interactive dashboards, reports that meet national standards and international standards too. Geo-mapping technology also allows to further drill down into disease hotspots and allows for accurate disease surveillance – helping to inform prevention measures and where budgets should be focused. 


How RioMed’s Solution improves workflow Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery with HIMS Ensuring Exceptional Outcomes   

Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) solution substantially help the department of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery through patient care, and efficient data management.  

Cellma’s EPR Module centralize patient information, provide robust tools for surgical planning and follow-up care. Cosmetic and plastic surgeons can access detailed patient medical history, investigation, develop precise treatment plans and ensure seamless communication across multidisciplinary teams. 


Surgical Planning and Documentation 

Pre-operative planning is an integral part of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Cellma integrates with diagnostic imaging systems, allowing surgeons to view and analyse images such as MRIs, and CT scans.  This integration allows proper surgical planning and the increase accuracy of the procedures. Cellma enables documentation of the all the procedure that ensures all steps are recorded accurately. Documentation in real time is important, as every detailed step in a surgical procedure is necessary for post operative care and for future reference use.  


Patient involvement and Post-Operative Care 

HIMS provides a high level of patient engagement through secure patient portal. Patients can view the records and their treatment plans. This ensures maximum patient engagement which enables to take care post operatively based on post operative instructions provided by the surgeon thus allowing better outcomes. Auto generated follow-up reminders ensure that patients are informed about their post-op checkups, which is important to monitor recovery progress and early detection of any complications. 


Cellma’s advanced analytics capabilities allows the Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery department to evaluate and monitor surgical outcome and patient satisfaction. By analysing data on surgical procedures, recovery times and complication rates, healthcare provider can identify trends and areas for improvement. This helps to refine surgical techniques and patient care protocols.   

RioMed solution Cellma enhances the Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery department by simplifying administrative tasks, improved surgical planning and enhancing patient engagement post-operatively.  


COVID-19 Vaccine Management with Cellma's HIMS System

  • Cellma's Vaccination management system takes the entire vaccination process the other way because of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Cellma assists health organizations in executing and monitoring public health policy and guidelines concerning the safe administration of COVID-19 vaccines. 


How Cellma makes the administration process easier through various features 

  • Cellma's Patient portal allows patients to register and self-screen online before getting the first dose. Self-screening helps prioritize high-risk applicants who are prone to infection.  
  • Cellma can send post-vaccination instructions to patients via SMS or email ,based on their consent.  
  • Symptoms can be followed up, and each patient can be tracked for adverse reactions post-vaccination. Clinicians can monitor any irregularities in the patient's response to the first dose.  
  • Appointments can be scheduled for the second dose of the vaccine. If there is no attendance for the scheduled appointment, alerts, notifications, emails, and texts can be sent to the patient.  
  • Patients can get an E-certificate at both stages of getting vaccinated, which indicates the patient's quarantine status and any information required during the vaccination process.  

How Cellma maintains proper storage and handling of vaccines 

  • Easily adjust COVID-19 vaccine storage conditions per guidelines via a temperature charting feature that helps monitor and record temperature at regular intervals.  
  • Take immediate action through Cellma's auto alerts triggered in case of failures or critical storage conditions. For example, if there is any temperature variation above or below the normal range, Cellma can auto-flag and raise an alert.    

Proper distribution ensures vaccines reach the right place at the right time. Cellma helps with

  • We send electronic requests to suppliers from hospitals and other locations (Internal requisitions, External requisitions) for the vaccine via Cellma's Supplies and Inventory module.  
  • They set a minimum threshold within the stock module, triggering an alert when items reach their minimum quantity. HPs can also auto-reorder from our COVID-19 vaccine management software.  
  • Minimize loss of expired or tampered vaccines through stock rotation with auto alerts generated for stock reaching their expiry.  


Patient Feedback and Recall  

  • Cellma has a patient feedback feature where patients can provide feedback by answering an online questionnaire related to their current health status.  
  • Based on their consent, patients can be communicated through various channels, including apps, portals, SMS, email, video consultation and WhatsApp.  


  • Cellma's reporting is seamless and customized to meet compliance reporting and auditing requirements. It provides accountability and data-driven insights for proper surveillance and monitoring of the vaccination process.  
  • Real-time dashboard, data analysis and user-defined reports are available through Cellma's Business Intelligence and Reporting suite. 

How can Cellma help the Aviation Authority's Electronic Medical certification process

Cellma can automatically produce medical certifications for all pilots and air traffic controllers. All the key investigation outcomes from medical assessments are linked to the certificate validity. These parameters are dynamic and configurable. Cellma can track fit status across all classes of certificates and update all the limitations that restrict certificate validity. Cellma stores a copy of the digital certificate in the applicant's record. All historical certificates, fit status and changes to constraints can also be easily tracked. Cellma can also send alerts to pilots and ATCs regarding their certificate renewals and revalidations. A secure web-based portal and app are provided to the applicants so they can complete and view current and previous medical applications, fit status, medical certificates, etc.  


RioMed has worked extensively on Cellma's algorithms to make them compatible with rules and validity periods for examinations and tests that cater to different Aviation authorities. An essential component of our offering is remote access. Pilots and ATCs can remotely register, manage appointments, and complete and view current and previous medical applications via an online portal or our mobile app. Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) can also initiate an instant messaging chat function with the applicants. All the correspondence is stored in the applicant's record within Cellma's Electronic Employees Records module in compliance with the required data security measures and general data protection regulations.  


Business Intelligence  

Cellma's seamless reporting capabilities are customised to meet reporting compliance and auditing requirements. We understand that security is a crucial aspect of using technology, so we provide the ability to track audit trails. User reporting gives an audit trail for each user accessing the system, their tasks, actions, edits, and the date/ time of each activity. Cellma can export these reports in CSV, excel, or PDF format. Our system provides accountability and evidence-based data aligned towards proper surveillance and monitoring of the aviation authority's medical certification process. Cellma provides a multi-user environment with administrative privileges and user reporting features designed to meet individual system users be extracted with Cellma's Business Intelligence and Reporting suite. 


How RioMed Solution Enhances Dental Care with Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)   

Our Hospital Information Management System solution, Cellma, simplifies the dental workflow and enhances efficiency and patient care. RioMed provides dentists with a very user-friendly and easy-to-use system. It helps dental clinics to go digital or paper light. The modular structure comprises different functionalities and various advanced modules for digital imaging, patient communications, reporting, etc.  

Revolutionising Dental Care through streamlined workflows and improved outcomes  

RioMed’s Solution helps in seamless patient registration and provides comprehensive patient records that include medical and dental histories. Efficient appointment scheduling through automated reminders reduces no-shows and optimises resource utilisation. Dentists can access integrated diagnostic tools and patient records during consultation to carry out accurate dental assessments and develop personalised treatment plans. Integration with diagnostic tools and digital imaging systems (e.g., periapical X-rays, Panoramic X-rays, etc) allows for quick access to diagnostic data.  

Cellma’s annotation tools   

Cellma provides a complete graphical dental charting facility that allows dentists to specify the status of each tooth. Cellma’s annotation tools allow dentists to mark and highlight locations and texts on a tooth or dental chart, which can be saved in standard image formats. Cellma is fully integrated, and the clinical workflow is designed in a way that saves a dentist’s time.   

Cellma ensures that procedures like root canals, extractions, gum surgery, etc., have real-time documentation, and it allows proper management of dental supplies and equipment so as to ensure their availability during treatments. Patients’ involvement is enhanced through secure patient portals, which give them access to treatment plans, educational materials, or follow-up alerts. In Dentistry, follow-ups are essential; thus, automated follow-up reminders encourage patients to return for visits, enhancing treatment outcomes. 


How HIMS can help as a complete solution for Dermatology

Dermatology service requires excellent care, smooth coordination and precise management. With Cellma, dermatologists can employ patients’ data, facilitate administrative duties, and reduce the burden on healthcare professionals. Online appointment booking system allows the dermatologist to schedule appointments and have automated reminders to keep the patient flow consistent and improve the compliance rate.  

Cellma’s Patient portal or app can help patients to register and schedule appointments. Automated confirmations and reminders are sent via email or SMS. Patients can also self-triage using predefined forms through the app or portal. Patients can choose their preferred mode of communication for appointment reminders, clinical information, and notifications so they receive communication most conveniently.  

How RioMed’s HIMS helps Dermatologists  

The dermatologist can enter data in real-time using touchscreen devices, tablets, laptops, and other devices. The chat functionality in Cellma allows the dermatologist to communicate directly with the patient on the app or portal. They can have real-time consultations, prescribe medications, and share test results. Cellma’s Document management module allows dermatologists to organize, store, and quickly access patient documents. All users with appropriate access rights, privileges and user-defined security levels can view the uploaded documents from any terminal where Cellma can be accessed.    

Cellma’s EPR module allows dermatologists to access patient records, including medical history, current medications, allergies, treatment plans, etc. The unique identifier system within Cellma ensures there are no duplicate records or inaccurate patient data so that the dermatologist can operate on accurate patient data. 


How RioMed’s HIMS supports endocrinologists and diabetologists in diabetic care 

It is challenging to manage diabetes and endocrine illnesses. But Cellma, an advanced Hospital Information Management System, provides support to endocrinologists and diabetologists, assisting them to deliver the best available care to their patients.  

Cellma's patient administration system (PAS) efficiently manages booking appointments, follow-ups, referrals, and other day-to-day dealings. The hospital admirative staff can easily manage appointments, view them, or make cancellations or reschedule appointments using one platform. It provides a centralised booking platform for all your patients booking appointments through telephone, internet services, or outreach clinics.  

Added to that, there are additional facilities, e.g. self-check-in or automatic appointment reminders.  

Cellma’s data-driven insights to manage diabetes care efficiently  

One of the key values of Cellma is its ability to provide insights of raw data. The reporting module provided by Cellma is very helpful for endocrinologists and diabetologists. It can assist them in tracking the diabetes trend, help see the treatment effects, and help contribute to the diabetes and endocrinology research.  

With Cellma's Reporting module, you can dive deep into patterns of blood sugar levels, medications, and lifestyle choices. Visualization of this data helps a healthcare provider to position trends and make evidence-based decisions regarding patient care. Cellma ensures accurate and concise data through its reporting in accordance with the national, statutory, regulatory, and locally defined requirements.  

All its reports are specifically designed for physicians to understand with ease and are in graphical and alphanumeric exportable formats. 


How RioMed helps the Audiology department in improving ENT Health better through the Hospital information management system (HIMS)   

RioMed is committed to providing world-class software solutions to ensure the smooth operation of your practice. RioMed’s solution is to use Cellma to manage the Audiology process. Cellma’s audiology module has a user-friendly interface that aids in the smooth and efficient streamlining of all the functionalities of the audiology services. The benefits of using the Cellma Audiology module are listed below.    

  1. Cellma at Each Stage 

Cellma Patient Summary details the procedures and outcomes for the patient at each of the following stages:  

-Assessment Stage  

- Surgery Phase  

- Ongoing care and Maintenance  

All these details are recorded and saved within Cellma’s Electronic Health Records (EHR/EPR) module.   

  1. Patient Administration and Scheduling  

Cellma’s PAS module manages all processes related to registration, appointment scheduling, admission, discharge, and transfer transactions for patients in Cellma. It also includes the referral and cross-referral process to other specialities and healthcare professionals.  

  1. Creating Worklist 

Worklists can be generated in Cellma to assign tasks, , investigations or evaluations  for auditory screening , including Puretone audiometry (PTA), Tympanometry, stapedial reflexes, otoacoustic emissions, and many other necessary audiology evaluations.  

  1. Integration With Devices 

With its integrated barcode technology, the Cellma’s Devices Module enables a service to monitor stock levels for the cochlear and associated accessories. Cellma keeps track of stock from the time it is ordered, transfers to and from surgery, spares, repairs, and upgrades. Cellma also allows for the creation and upkeep of patient records, including hearing screening or testing that integrates with NOAH.  

  1. Hassle-free Billing and Reporting 

Input costs at each intervention stage of the care pathway allow for accurate and timely patient billing processing. Cellma’s Business Intelligence and Reporting module offers a diverse set of reporting options, ranging from its in-built reporting system for locally interrogating the database to its service and dashboard reporting platform.  

  1. Suits Best for Every Audiology Practice 

RioMed is the perfect solution for every audiology practice with its wide array of features and an interface that is both easy to use and attractive. Patient record maintenance, appointment scheduling, and the integration of diagnostic tools for hearing impairment detection and planning treatment are standard modules customizable by the software meant for various aspects of audiology practice. 


How RioMed helps the Gastroenterology department through the hospital information management system (HIMS)  

RioMed’s Cellma helps you serve your patients effectively and efficiently manage their records. Cellma, made for gastroenterologists, enhances the quality and efficiency of your practice, from patient consultation to treatment and follow-up.  

Cellma understands how Gastroenterology departments work. Our Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMR) or EHR module consolidated patient's histories, endoscopic procedures, imaging results, lab results, and treatment plans into a central digital repository.  

It ensures easy access to a complete patient overview for informed decision-making and quality patient care.  

For simplified procedure scheduling in different endoscopy suites, Cellma’s Patient Administration System (PAS) simplifies the scheduling process involved in booking procedures. It supports real-time data input during the procedure. This saves the staff invaluable time and helps communication go smoothly.  

Cellma's Patient Portal allows patients to participate in a better digital digestive health journey. Patients can access their medical records, view follow-up appointments, communicate with their gastroenterologist, view lab results, and even complete a pre-procedure questionnaire. This patient engagement means a combined approach to care and improved patient satisfaction.  

 Cellma’s specific benefits for the Gastroenterology department  

Cellma benefits extend beyond patient care and include team collaboration and improvement in departmental management. Reporting and analytics capabilities in Cellma provide insights into patient demographics, procedure volumes, resource utilization, and clinical outcomes.  

Building BI reports through data-driven decisions helps department heads make informed decisions around staffing, equipment, and process enhancement opportunities.  

It also provides 

  • Procedure-specific templates for colonoscopies, endoscopies, etc. can be customized.  
  • GI-specific terminology to guarantee recording accuracy with built-in medical terms  
  • Cellma provides seamless access for easy review of endoscopic images and videos in patient records.  
  • Cellma helps departments of gastroenterology deliver the highest standard of care while optimizing operational efficiency.  

Let Cellma transform your gastroenterology practice. 


How does RioMed’s HIMS system fit into General Medicine

Cellma functions as an interface for patients to schedule their visit online, to see available appointment time’s in real-time and also get instant confirmation.  Cellma can send automatic appointment reminders by short message service (SMS) or e-mail in order to enable them better time management. Patients can check in using kiosks or mobile apps, which speeds up the process and reduces paperwork. Their information will be automatically updated in the system. Cellma's patient portal or applications allow the patients to access information about their health and to communicate with their healthcare provider remotely. 

Seamless Registration process and workflow 

Cellma is specifically a web-based system that is designed for the management and improvement of the Registration process. It captures the basic patient data. Cellma makes sure that it searches for an existing record before it allows a user to create a new patient record. Cellma has a set of rules for identifying duplicate patients only. Cellma has set up rules and processes that adhere to the philosophy of ‘one patient, one record’ strictly. [This is to ensure that when data is imported, there will not be clashes with patients sharing identifiers]. 

After registration, Patients are assigned a unique identifier, that is the same for other systems, so they are represented only once across all the organization's systems. Patient data includes name, gender, date of birth; race; ethnicity; social security number, current address and contact information; insurance information; current diagnoses; and most recent date of hospital admission and discharge, if applicable.   

One of Cellma's functionalities is the ability to produce and organize treatment plans personalized to the individual, including medications, instructions, and follow-up schedules. 

The Finance, Billing & Insurance module of Cellma gives the users the option of being invoiced and making payments for the services they have used. The Appointment and finance module are the two systems that are fully assimilated into Cellma, so that the users can move from one to the other very smoothly thus it follows that patients would be billed automatically for each episode of care and each item of service provided at the department. 


How do RioMed solutions improve general as well as bariatric surgical care through Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) 

Our Hospital Information Management System solution Cellma helps in improving General as well as Bariatric surgical care using comprehensive tools that enable efficient surgical procedures and better patient results. Cellma helps patients get an easy access to management from admission to scheduling surgeries and managing bed allocation. Cellma maintains comprehensive electronic patient records (EPR) encompassing past medical history, social history, investigation results, plan and notes for surgical procedures; thus, ensuring surgeons to get critical information in real time for informed decision-making.  


Benefits of using HIMS for general and bariatric surgery 

Cellma integrates with diagnostic imaging systems that enables surgeon to assess pre-operative scans and plan procedures.  

Cellma’s specialized features tailored to the need for obese patients undergoing weight-loss procedures has pre-operative assessment including calculating a BMI, nutritional evaluations, and comorbidity management. Cellma’s nutritional assessment helps to determine the type of operation selected; those relating to comorbidities that needs to be managed prior to surgery or during post-operative periods. Cellma also enhances continuity of care after surgery through automated reminders for follow up appointments and medication schedules for better recovery outcomes. 

In addition to this, the Cellma's e-prescribing module integrated with pharmacy management system, you can streamline the administration of medications, which helps reduce errors in treatment. Cellma makes it easy to communicate and coordinate among multidisciplinary surgical team through our MDT Module to discuss the surgical procedure.  Cellma offers comprehensive reporting and analytical features to track surgical outcomes, evaluate long-term patient health trends, and monitor complications. This not only improves clinical decision-making but also supports research efforts to advance bariatric surgery techniques and patient care protocols.  

RioMed complies with all the healthcare regulations and standards, including safeguarding patient information, security and Data Protection.  



How RioMed solution improves haematology department workflow through Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)  

 Our Hospital Information Management System solution, Cellma, helps improve the workflow process in the haematology department. Cellma makes the process smooth, improves data management, and boosts the quality of patient care. The key to success is bringing all patient information together in one place. Cellma's electronic patient record (EPR) module includes patient medical history, laboratory findings, medication histories, and treatment plans that are easily accessible and ensures haematologists have all the essential information they need right at their fingertips to accurately diagnose and create treatment plans for managing complex haematological conditions.  

Enhancing patient outcomes by real-time monitoring  

 In Cellma, treatments like blood transfusions, chemotherapy and other haematological interventions can be monitored and documented in real-time.  Cellma allows you to record every step of the treatment and is easily available for review, which ultimately enhances patient care and improves patient safety. Real-time monitoring capabilities help to track complications or adverse reactions quickly for timely interventions and adjustments to treatment plans.   

 In Cellma's advanced reporting and business intelligence modules, clinicians can identify trends and analyse extensive data sets. Predictive analytics helps clinicians identify patients at higher risk of adverse outcomes to determine proactive management strategies. Cellma provides insights into the effectiveness of the treatment and patient response patterns that support continuous quality improvement. This holistic approach leads to better recovery rates and patient health.  

 A major benefit to the haematology department using Cellma is improved communication and coordination among multidisciplinary teams. Complex treatment often involves collaboration among different specialists, like oncologists, pathologists, etc. Cellma ensures that each one of them in the team has access to the updated patient data in real-time, thereby making coordinated care easier. This ensures every aspect of the patient's care plan is aligned correctly, resulting in better treatment outcomes


How does RioMed's HIMS system work at Head, Neck and Thyroid Centres 

Cellma, our advanced health information management system (HIMS), is designed for Head, Neck and Thyroid Centres and has functionality to integrate activities, improve patient care and manage workflows. Cellma is a patient information storage solution that includes medical history, current medication, allergies, and treatment plans in one place. So, clinicians have access to all the information they need.  

The PAS module manages appointments, re-scheduling and cancellations. Automated reminders are sent to clinicians and patients to reduce hospital no-shows, improve attendance and reduce variation in patient flow.  

Cellma integrates with medical equipment to send test results directly to the patient's record in the EPR module. No more manual data entry, no more errors and test results are always available for clinicians to review.  

Efficiency and Excellence with Cellma

Clinicians can use Cellma to create treatment plans, document progress and adjust treatments so patients get consistent and competent care.  

Cellma has a patient portal to enable communication between patients and healthcare providers. Once logged in to the patient portal, patients can view medical records and test results, schedule appointments, and get education resources: patient engagement and empowerment.  


Cellma enables collaboration between multiple practitioners involved in the patient's Head, Neck and Thyroid care. Clinicians can share notes, plans, and test results for a coordinated patient care approach.  

Cellma's Reporting can measure quality of care and operational efficiency. The data can be used to track performance and trends, spot trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve patient care and overall healthcare flow. 


How RioMed Solution enhances Multidisciplinary (MDT) collaboration through Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)   

Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) activities involve the collaboration of several clinicians, sometimes from different disciplines. Cellma's MDT module assists in managing multidisciplinary teams from different departments to provide integrated and coordinated services.  

 With the help of Cellma, the team's activities are brought together to create an ongoing care plan for the patient. Cellma helps the team coordinate their services to work together towards a specific set of goals. If required, a key worker can be assigned as the main point of contact responsible for team coordination.  

Integrated care planning

Team members can share all the information with appropriate privileges in MDT discussions. Cellma allows users to upload all data, including images, videos, and audio files, within the system via the MDT Module. The MDT module enables the team to access the patient details, data sources, date and time, user interaction, etc. In Cellma, all the members of the MDT can view the same patient data at the same time. Cellma consists of numerous modules that can be easily tailored to meet the needs of individual MDTs across all clinical conditions. All the information is recorded and saved within Cellma's Electronic Health Records (EPR/EHR) module.   

With Cellma's MDT functionality, workflow efficiencies for clinicians and administration staff can be enhanced to deliver the highest levels of patient care. Cellma increases patient safety by providing a better view of their journey and lessening the risk of missing patients or follow-up actions. Medical establishments can improve staff efficiency by better-deploying resources, to which Cellma's MDT module can contribute.  


How does RioMed’s HIMS solution Cellma, improve Nephrology and Renal Service departments


Cellma's one patient, one record policy ensures that all nephrology and renal service records, including patient history, lab results, images, treatment plans, assessments and follow-ups, are stored in Cellma's Electronic Health Records (EHR/EPR) module, ensuring that all data is accessible to authorised users across all the sites, departments.  


Cellma's Patient Administration and Scheduling (PAS) module manages all parts of the dialysis patient journey, from referrals to appointments and scheduling.  

Cellma can integrate with other clinical systems that allow seamless flow of diagnostic data information using FHIR HL7, HL7, SOAP, ODBC, JDBC and bespoke messaging.  

 The availability of detailed patient records makes it possible for Cellma to create customised treatment plans, including proper medication administration, scheduling of dialysis sessions, dietary suggestions, and lifestyle changes.  

Cellma's in-build alert functionality provides real-time monitoring of patient vitals and lab results, triggering alerts for any abnormalities via portal and/or App. The communications module in Cellma automatically triggers Alerts and notifications via email, messages (SMS) for results, appointment reminders, pathways, etc.  

Streamlining the assessment process

Within Nephrology and Dialysis care, assessments must be swift and correct to help choose the next course of action and type of dialysis needed. RioMed's solution, Cellma, can be used on various devices, including laptops, desktops and phones. Cellma's pre- and post-dialysis assessments have been specifically created for in-clinic usage to promote self-triage. Once in the clinic, the dialysis specialist/nephrologist can use customisable assessments to gather all relevant data points needed to decide what type of dialysis or if any further referrals might be necessary. Cellma allows nephrologists to monitor kidney function, prescribe medications to manage kidney diseases, and coordinate care with other healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive patient management. Finally, post-assessment diagnoses are made quick and easy with a tool that generates a list of positive results and tests.  

Cellma's reporting module helps clinicians to track patient progress, outcomes, and trends over time. 



How RioMed helps in enhancing neurological Care through Cellma all- in one HIMS solution  

Cellma, a Healthcare Information Management System (HIMS), helps neurologists by giving specific tools and features designed just for them and their patients.  

Cellma's EPR (Electronic Patient Record) module stores patient’s digital health records.   These records include medical history, medications, tests done, diagnostic results and treatment plans, among others. Medical professionals can access these records from anywhere anytime 24/7/365 days at their ease with proper credentials and access rights.  

Cellma has inbuilt templates which can be customised as per neurologist's requirements which help them to take notes about their patients during appointments, covering everything from symptoms to test results and treatment plans. 

Cellma provides the ability for neurologists to order tests like MRIs, EEGs, and nerve conduction studies. Cellma allows laboratories to process and report on all tests requested from healthcare professionals within or outside of their network. All the test requests and reports are managed electronically to enable a paperless or paper-light environment. 

Cellma’s ePrescribing module allows neurologists to view medications, service medications, dose, status, frequency, history, updated by, last updated, review, and highlights for abnormal range results. All entries are coded using ICD 11, HL7 and ASTM. 


Cellma’s telemedicine functionality provides the ability for neurologists to conduct remote consultations, follow-ups, and patient monitoring effectively. Cellma has communication module which deals with notification, alerts, text, email and letters via mobile app and patient portal. 

Cellma’s Business Intelligence and Reporting module enables neurologists to generate detailed reports about appointments, patient visits, test results, medications etc. These reports can be customised to meet specific needs.   

Cellma can integrate with third-party systems and external laboratories, facilitating seamless flow of patient information, test results, and referral using HL7, FHIR  HL7, SOAP, ODBC, JDBC and bespoke messaging. This helps neurology patients get coordinated care no matter where they go for treatment. 


How RioMed’s comprehensive HIMS solution- Cellma helps in Oncology services

Cellma assists in Oncology services to achieve a high level of clinical care, increase operational efficiency, good financial and clinical governance. Cellma’s electronic patient record (EPR) module manages all patient data including, treatment schedules, treatment plans, treatment delivery, treatment summaries, and results. Cellma facilitates easy and quick information exchange between the radiology department and other departments, transparently transmitting the radiation treatment information. Cellma stores complete information on cancer stage and treatment results to evaluate and improve the quality of radiation therapy. 

How does Cellma ensures clinical governance - 

Cellma is DICOM compliant, utilizing SNOMED CT coding, and can integrate with imaging and diagnostics systems, including PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications Systems). The standardised process of imaging requests and reporting can be customised to the requirements, providing an efficient, user-friendly system. Patients and clinicians can be notified for the collection of results through an automated email, text, and app system. Healthcare professionals can view images and reports remotely in any location on a variety of platforms. Patient-level costing allows the tracking of cost associated with each patient diagnostic test. Cellma’s one patient, one record policy ensures that all requests, images and reports are linked with and stored within the correct patient record. This ensures that all data is accessible to any associated healthcare professional from any location.  

 Cellma provides the ability to safely utilize the latest technologies to handle information on patient configurations, image-guided radiotherapy, or the complex regimes associated with chemotherapy. Cellma can be easily integrated with other information and corporate systems. Cellma is deployed with an integration engine that manages all communications with third party systems. It facilitates bi-directional connectivity to laboratories and local and national repositories using FHIR HL7, HL7, SOAP, ODBC, JDBC and bespoke messaging. 

RioMed recognises the importance of reliable information, both in terms of the clinical management of individual patients on Cellma and the efficient management of services and resources within RioMed itself. Information Governance (IG) gives assurance that RioMed handles clinical and business information efficiently, securely, effectively and in accordance with relevant legislation, intending to deliver the best possible service. RioMed is registered under the Data Protection Acts of 1984 & 1998 ensuring that data does not fall into the wrong hands. All data held on the Cellma system is deemed to be the property of the organisation and will be treated as such. Cellma ensures that the data held is available for continued use, in the context of both current and future treatments. The EPR module facilitates centralised storage of data. 


How RioMed helps in Ophthalmology care through Cellma a reliable HIMS solution

RioMed’s all-in-one HIMS solution, Cellma is designed to simplify and enhance your ophthalmic patient care service. It manages all patient reports, images, and data from multiple imaging devices, hassle-free in a paperless or paper-light environment. All information is securely held within the electronic patient record with help of Cellma’s integrated document management module. Our solution for ophthalmic care management can be tailored to meet the varying needs of any size of hospital environment. 

Access ophthalmic data from any location at any time 

Cellma provides a cloud-based image management system to manage the imaging process and reports on eye tests requested from healthcare professionals within or outside of their network. You can move away from archiving and storing images locally by migrating the data to a cloud-based ophthalmic image management system like Cellma. Data can be accessed 24/7/365 as the images are always backed up to the cloud. Cloud-storage is not only more secure but also more convenient and economic. 

Cellma’s imaging module brings all your diagnostic imaging together, so that data can be easily accessed from any device and any location. Cellma enables users to select and view images side-by-side, zoom, pan, notate, and more with the help of its annotation tools. 

Seamless integration with third-party systems 

Cellma facilitates assessment and management of eye diseases by providing data integration of diagnostic devices and ultimately providing decision support for better patient care. Cellma is deployed with an integration engine which enables seamless integration with any third-party ophthalmology and optometry EPR, if required. Cellma’s integrated imaging offers the capability to share images across different locations suitable for physicians with multiple practices or locations. With Cellma, you can easily share information between all eye care providers in primary and secondary care. 

Manage referrals between primary and secondary care 

Utilising Cellma’s online referral portal can simplify the process of referrals between primary and secondary care. All locations registered on the portal can easily refer to other care settings, triage for a specific pathway and attach documents and images. Referral status can be checked online by the referrer and communications between the referrer and referee can be securely facilitated within the application. 


How RioMed enhances Maternal Care Efficiency with Hospital information management system (HIMS) in Obstetrics & Gynaecology   

Cellma makes the hospital appointment-booking process much easier. Expected mothers can book their appointments online and complete necessary forms before their visit, reducing the time spent in the waiting room via Cellma's patient app and portal. Cellma's Patient App and portal empower the patient to take control of their health journey. For instance, a patient may be alerted via the app if medication reviews, or investigation results are not as expected based on historical results.  

 Cellma, as a comprehensive electronic health records (EHR) system, provides gynecologists with access to a patient's complete medical history, including details such as assessments, lifestyles, investigations, examinations, tests, results, medications, diagnosis, procedural information, conditions, maternal history, etc.  

Through Cellma, doctors will automatically get associated with their patients through their unique patient identifier. Cellma sends alerts and notifications to clinicians about health updates and reminds them of routine screenings.  

 Why Should You Choose Cellma to Transform Your OB/GYN Practice?  

 Managing prenatal care is easy and straightforward with Cellma. Cellma's PAS module offers an online booking system that is designed to manage and facilitate processes related to patient registration, appointment scheduling, rescheduling, and cancelling.   

Appointments can be booked by patients with the help of the patient web portal and app by selecting clinic type, clinic location, and appointment date, which shows the user the available time slots. Cellma can integrate with third-party systems such as laboratory systems and imaging systems, allowing direct access to results using FHIR HL7, SOAP, ODBC, JDBC, and bespoke messaging.  

 Cellma's Reporting module provides clinical, managerial, and financial reports on all data collected. Cellma can provide various types of reports, such as Simple, Email, Service, ARS, and SSRS reports, in formats such as dashboards (dynamic snapshots), ad-hoc (tabular or graphic), and pre-defined reports, considering the deriving trends and other statistical analysis aimed at facilitating decision-making in organizations. 



How does RioMed’s Hospital information management system (HIMS) Transform Orthopaedic department with Better Care, Stronger Outcomes  

With RioMed’s state-of-the-art Hospital information management system, you can elevate the quality of care and offer a practical and effective way of managing every aspect of an orthopaedic department: outpatients, admissions, inpatients, referrals, discharges and transfers. Our Cellma is designed to enhance patient outcomes, provide superior care and automate simple but often time-consuming processes with ongoing appointments and treatment likely; admin resources can be short; however, using the patient portal, patients can book appointments and follow-ups.  

 In orthopaedics, knowing the patient’s medical history is vital. Cellma has a one-patient, one-record structure which can be accessed instantly. Cellma offers an integrated patient record system that allows orthopaedic specialists to access comprehensive patient information through EPR. All this data is also captured for national datasets, is used to provide real-time reports on set targets and monitors patient-level costing for invoicing.  

Improving outcomes for orthopaedic inpatients  

When performing orthopaedic emergencies or on long-term inpatients, efficiency is the key. Cellma gives orthopaedic specialists, on-ward doctors and nurses new tools to better manage a patient’s journey. Cellma will help you make your surgical workflow more efficient, from preoperative planning to post-operative follow-up.   

Cellma makes it easier for clinicians to track patient preparation, surgery schedules, and recuperation rates to ensure a seamless surgical process and enhanced patient recovery. 

Customisable assessments for new referrals, pre-and post-surgery, ensure that all essential data points about each patient are collected. In addition to assessments, it integrates with imaging and PAC systems to bring all test results and imaging feedback into the patient record. Electronic whiteboards for trauma patients and ward and bed management can make all the difference to those patients in the acute phases of their condition. Finally, Cellma also provides care pathways for post-op care management, easing the transition from inpatient to outpatient.  

Your Partner in Orthopaedic Excellence   

 Cellma is a partner in your mission to provide the best possible orthopaedic care. With its easy-to-use interface, features, and focus on improving patient outcomes, Cellma is the ideal solution for your orthopaedic department.   


How RioMed increases the efficiency of Pulmonology care with its Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) 

The pulmonology department treats patients with a wide range of conditions, from mild asthma and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to complex respiratory disorders. For better patient care, it is essential to have access to patient data, lab results, imaging studies, and treatment plans. That’s where our powerful Hospital Information Management System Solution, Cellma, comes into action.   

How Cellma Enhances Pulmonology Workflows  

With an EMR Interface, Cellma offers pulmonologists easier access to patient records, including medical history, lab & imaging reports, disease progression tracking and treatment outcomes. EMR makes it easy for Clinicians to manage patients effectively and ensures that they receive real-time updates on the present status.   

Cellma integrates with diagnostic equipment or medical devices such as pulmonary function testing machines, spirometers, and imaging systems, among others. It also facilitates physician’s requests for laboratory or imaging tests through electronic means, thereby receiving results and incorporating diagnostic findings directly into the patient’s record, which leads to prompt diagnosis and treatment.  

Cellma offers a reporting capability that enables it to track KPIs, measure clinical outcomes and identify areas for improvement. Such analytics help implement evidence-based practices, monitor the performance of various departments and drive constant improvements in pulmonology services.  

Cellma’s patient portal enables patients to access complete health information and test results and provides personalized action plans for diagnosed conditions.  

Cellma is not just any EPR or, EMR or EHR; it’s a HIMS—built specifically to increase the efficiency and quality of care in these units. Cellma helps pulmonologists prioritize what matters through workflow optimizations, data consolidation, and effective communication to deliver impeccable patient care. 


How RioMed’s HIMS transforms Pathology and Lab operations at your healthcare institution  

Cellma’s Laboratory module allows the patient care provider to manage and order lab tests. Cellma’s EPR module contains fully integrated order communications, which can be either one-directional for investigation requests or bi-directional to bring in corresponding results in the event Cellma interfaces with the lab providers.  


Cellma can be customized as per the provided list of lab tests available, price per test (i.e., the price the hospital charges to provide the test), turnaround time, and sample type. In Cellma, the list of tests can be customised. 

Ordering and Processing  

The Pathology module allows laboratories to process and report on all tests requested from healthcare professionals within or outside of their network. All test requests and reports are managed electronically, enabling the creation of a paperless or paper-light environment.  

When healthcare professionals generate a request for a laboratory test electronically in Cellma, this request is added to phlebotomy work lists for sample collection, labeling, and delivery to the lab. The samples are logged by lab staff, and batches are made for processing. The results are generated and immediately imported into Cellma using HL7 messages. The results are automatically added to the patient’s personal record, generating email and text alerts to notify the patient or clinician of their completion.  


Alerts also notify healthcare professionals when results are outside predefined parameters to prompt patient monitoring or follow-ups.  

Inventory Management:  

Assay kits used in the processing of samples are automatically decreased from stock, allowing staff to monitor and manage stock levels from within the lab.  

Result Integration:  

Results are pushed from the lab test from the lab equipment to Cellma. The complete sample ID must include, but not be limited to, the patient’s MPI, the test ID, and the lab machine test ID. Cellma enables users to accept the test result from the lab machine (PUSH), request the results from the lab machine (PULL), or manually enter the results from the lab analyzer (MANUAL).  

Cellma’s lab module enables users to order tests. Lab test reports can let the user request a test, which is integrated with the lab analyzer. Cellma lab module import results directly; and result notifications are sent to the user and patient over the portal and app. All lab test entries are coded using ICD 10, HL7, and ASTM. 


How RioMed’s Solution elevates Paediatric and Neonatal Care with HIMS: Ensuring Exceptional Outcomes 

RioMed's Hospital Information Management System facilitates exceptional neonatal and paediatric care. Our Cellma is meticulously developed to match all the unique demands, providing a fully comprehensive and up-to-date patient record from initial assessment to follow-up visits, vaccination details, growth charts, developmental milestones, birth histories, etc. This holistic approach helps in creating effective treatment plans for patients.   

Enhancing Patient Safety and Parent Engagement  

Cellma focuses on family-centred care by providing easy access to patient information and care plans, ensuring that families are updated about childcare. Cellma efficiently tracks all immunizations with automated alerts and offers robust security that safeguards confidential patient data and powerful analytics that are used to improve the department's performance and enhance patient outcomes.   

Cellma's user-friendly patient portal benefits parents or guardians by providing all the patient information in real-time. The patient portal is easy to use and gives access to all their child's electronic medical records, appointment schedules, and educational resources.   

Customized Templates for Paediatric Care  

Cellma provides customized templates designed explicitly for Paediatrics & Neonatology departments. The user-friendly interface helps healthcare providers record patient information with ease.  

 Comprehensive Clinical Decision-Making Support  

Cellma provides a range of tools to support clinical decision-making. It gives real-time advice based on the most up-to-date available information, from an easy–to–use dosage calculator to growth charts that help inform decisions made by clinicians 

 Advanced analytics and reporting tools enable healthcare providers to monitor patient outcomes, identify trends, and support clinical research to improve decision-making and care planning. Cellma also optimizes the utilization of resources by effectively managing them, thereby providing actionable data for reducing costs. Through improved patient safety, enhanced clinical efficiency, better care coordination and increased parental engagement, RioMed HIMS is a game-changing solution designed to provide the best possible care for paediatric and neonatal. 


How does RioMed's HIMS solution help psychiatrists streamline workflows and patient care

At RioMed, we know that smooth patient registration is key to psychiatry workflows. Cellma simplifies the intake process, captures all the details and assigns a unique patient ID for tracking. Psychiatrists can do thorough assessments, and our system records findings, diagnoses and treatment plans. Access to documentation allows healthcare providers to make informed decisions. Based on the assessment, the psychiatrist will create a treatment plan. Assessment data integrates seamlessly with the patient's electronic health record (EHR). Cellma tracks medications, therapy sessions and follow-ups, and continuity of care. Cellma alerts for adverse interactions, patient safety comes first. Cellma facilitates communication between psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers thus secures data sharing for holistic patient care, collaboration, and informed decision-making. Cellma has decision-support tools that help psychiatrists in their decision-making. Alerts for drug interactions, treatment protocols, and diagnostic support based on symptoms and patient history.   

Supporting Remote Access and Telepsychiatry Services   

Especially relevant in today's healthcare landscape, Cellma supports remote access capabilities and telepsychiatry services. Psychiatrists can use our system to:  

  • Virtual consultations with patients  
  • Remote monitoring for ongoing care  
  • Patient access to health information through patient portals  
  • Educational resources on mental health conditions  
  • Appointment reminders for treatment plan compliance  

 Cellma has multiple ways to engage patients during assessments, patient-reported outcomes, and feedback mechanisms. This allows patients to be actively involved in their care by providing information about their symptoms, treatment preferences and overall well-being.  




How does RioMed's Hospital information management system (HIMS) Transform the Physiotherapy department with Better Care, Stronger Outcomes  

Cellma conducts detailed patient assessments, including physical exams and functional evaluations.  

Cellma records and stores assessments, treatment plans, progress notes, and outcomes directly into the patient's Electronic Health Record (EHR).  

 Cellma supplies tailor-made plans for patient assessment to create and maintain personal treatment programs. With time, Cellma follows up on patient development while monitoring short-run and long-run goals they may have set up.  

Cellma allows physiotherapists to create and send customised home exercise programs electronically. Staff can monitor patient adherence and provide reminders or follow-up notifications.  

 Cellma manages physiotherapy appointments with Cellma's PAS module and allows users to send automated appointment reminders via email, text, or app notifications.  

 Unlocking Efficiency and Excellence with Cellma:   

 Cellma facilitates communication with other healthcare professionals. Cellma allows secure messaging capabilities via Portal and/or App to discuss treatment plans and progress.  

Cellma has the ability to evaluate patient progress and treatment effectiveness. Cellma's reporting module can generate outcomes, treatment effectiveness, and service utilisation reports.  

Cellma can integrate with third-party systems such as diagnostic and imaging systems, allowing direct access to results using FHIR HL7, HL7, SOAP, ODBC, JDBC and bespoke messaging.  

 Cellma's Billing module allows authorised users to generate invoices based on treatments provided. 


How does RioMed’s HIMS system help Rheumatology departments  

At RioMed, Cellma improves workflows with quick-save templates, voice recognition, and free text. Cellma and its supporting solutions cover every stage and process within the Rheumatology department, from admission to discharge and referral. Placing more power in Rheumatology patients' hands, they can self-assess, book clinics, order tests and re-order medications online. Following an automated appointment reminder, once in the clinic, patients are guided through self-check-in and notified where to go for their appointment with the waiting room management system. Post-appointment, automatic letters and summaries are sent out to the patient. All this information and important touchpoints are stored within the EPR module, contributing to disease and treatment registries and providing reports to meet national and international reporting requirements. 

Tools to help Rheumatology specialists.   

Not only does it give patients a better level of care, but Cellma also has several features that are specifically designed for Rheumatologists. Pre-assessment DAS scores can be completed in the waiting room by patients using tablets to promote self-triage - decreasing the number of steps to diagnosis. Customisable assessments are based on NICE and national guidelines, such as interactive joint diagrams that map pain points which are accessed by Rheumatologists. Apart from this, Cellma also manages biologic therapies, DAS monitoring and infusion clinics, streamlining the process for Rheumatologists.  

Want to experience enhanced efficiency, streamlined workflows and safe patient care, then integrate Cellma into your Rheumatology practice. As an effective Hospital Information Management System, Cellma supports every aspect of patient management, from electronic patient records to advanced billing and communication tools. 


How does RioMed’s Hospital information management system (HIMS) Transform Radiology department with Better Care, Stronger Outcomes  

Cellma’s Imaging module allows healthcare professionals to efficiently manage all imaging requests, results and reports across their organization. Imaging requests generated in Cellma or from 3rd party systems are authenticated, processed and linked to the patient’s record to avoid human error. 

Electronic requests: 

Healthcare professionals can generate an imaging request electronically in Cellma. This request is added to radiology work lists where the request is authenticated. The patient can be scheduled in for the specified diagnostic test at times and locations convenient to the patients.  

Test Workflow: 

The test is carried out by radiographers and the image is transferred to Cellma. Radiologists review, report and approve results to be sent to the patient’s personal record within EPR module. Once approved, these reports can be viewed in the patient’s record by clinicians. Clinicians and patients can be alerted by text or email when tests are completed or outside predefined parameters.  

DICOM Compliant:  

Cellma is entirely DICOM compliant and facilitates efficient archiving for any size of organization. Imaging annotation and 3D imaging allow for detailed collaboration between imaging and medical professionals over any geographical location.   

Cellma is DICOM compliant, utilizing SNOMED CT coding, and can integrate with imaging and diagnostics systems, including PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications Systems). The standardised imaging request and reporting process can be customised to your requirements, providing an ecient, user-friendly system.  

Notifications and Alerts: 

Patients and clinicians can be notified for the collection of results through an automated email, text and app system. Healthcare professionals can view images and reports remotely in any location on various platforms, i.e. via Portal and/or App.  

Patient level costing: 

Patient-level costing allows the tracking of costs associated with each patient diagnostic test. 

Cellma’s one patient, one record policy ensures that all requests, images, and reports are linked and stored within the correct patient record. This ensures that all data is accessible to any associated healthcare professional from any location. Fully DICOM compliant, images are transported directly into the patient’s t’s electronic health record, reducing administrative burden and enabling remote reporting on images. 


Transform your sexual health clinic with RioMed's  HIMS system, designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of clinic operations 


Cellma can effectively run almost every aspect of a sexual health clinic or department. Cellma's Patient Administration and Scheduling (PAS)module can arrange and manage clinic appointments for all Sexual Health activities such as (but not limited to) testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pregnancy testing, HIV testing, Hep B vaccination, PEP etc. As patients enter, self-check-in and waiting room features manage the process quickly and efficiently. Pre-assessments are then issued to patients to promote self-triage, further streamlining the process. Sexual health nurses have access to customizable assessments which systematically go through all types of STIs to ensure no symptom is missed. Following an appointment, automated letters and summaries are also sent to the patient.    

Patient privacy and convenience are paramount 

Working with several sexual health clinics, we know their patients want privacy and discretion. Using our patient portal, patients can self-assess online, book clinics, order tests, receive their results, and re-order medications and contraception online. Moreover, we also offer features such as partner notification (with patient consent) and e-prescribing to make the patient feel comfortable.  

Collecting data for sexual health clinics' understanding  

Cellma's EPR module records and helps retrieve patients' clinical information, thus providing a central repository for holding all the patient's medical records. It also includes information on illnesses or outcomes like:   

  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection,  
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs),  
  • Respiratory tract Infections (RTIs) and the negative effects of these infections on the body's reproductive system (such as cancer and infertility).   
  • Unwanted pregnancies, abortion and Sexual dysfunction   
  • Dangerous behaviours against that person, including sexual assault (such as female genital mutilation)  

Cellma's Business Intelligence & Reporting module provides Clinical, Managerial and Financial reports on all data collected. Cellma can provide distinct types of reports such as Simple, Email, Service, Power BI, ARS (Advanced Reporting Services), and SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service) reports in formats such as dashboards (dynamic snapshots), Ad-hoc (tabular or graphic) and pre-defined reports defined on diagnosis and activity codes e.g., using SRHAD, GUMCAD, HARS, SWS, NaSH coding considering the deriving trends and other statistical analysis aimed at facilitating decision-making. All reports are designed to facilitate rapid understanding for the clinicians involved and are available in graphical view to monitor trend data. 


Empowering Remote Healthcare through Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) 

Schedule a virtual consultation at your convenience

Cellma assists in scheduling, organising and managing virtual appointments. Plan your schedule and select suitable appointment slots for video consultations. Patients can choose the duration of their telemedicine sessions and define an appropriate time slot to streamline and improve patient communication. Cellma Patient can confirm, cancel, or re-schedule telemedicine appointments to suit their availability. It reduces no-shows significantly with appointment confirmations and reminders about upcoming remote consultations via the patient app and portal.  

Easily access electronic health records (EHR) to help with diagnosis during consultations

With Cellma, clinicians can easily access patient Health Records during sessions, which helps diagnose and treat patients effectively. Cellma enables direct interaction via video consultations with patients remotely at the clinic or any other location from any device, including desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.  

Send e-prescriptions and post-session summaries to patients  

Clinicians can easily send e-prescriptions to patients or print them using Cellma’s ePharmacy module, which enables fast and paperless processing and improves patient outcomes.  

Clinicians can create free text notes and share them with patients, including invoices, goals, instructions, follow-up appointments or care plans you may have discussed. A consultation summary can also be sent via email or text to patients for better medication adherence, including critical aspects addressed during your session.  

Monitor the patients and follow up with them on their progress.  

With the mobile app, Cellma provides a comprehensive monitoring system that clinicians and clinicians use. It is built to enable remote communication that streamlines critical parts of the healthcare journey. Patients can book follow-up appointments via the patient app or portal and consult with you by visiting the clinic or via video call. You can book follow-up telemedicine sessions for patients who cannot see you at your clinic. Patients can also follow up with you through text consultations via our portal or mobile app. 


How does RioMed’s HIMS solution Cellma system help with Urology

From the moment a patient walks through your door, Cellma ensures that every aspect of their journey is managed effectively with appointment scheduling, electronic health record (EHR), and real-time access to diagnostic results; your team can make informed decisions swiftly and confidently.  

Cellma’s EPR (electronic patient record) module ensures all patient information is kept in one place: one patient, one record. All authorised healthcare professionals can access this information, making it simple and easy for different urologists or nurses on shift to hand over. From here, the PAS (patient administration and scheduling) handles booking appointments and managing inpatient schedules.  


Why Choose Cellma for Your Urology Practice?  

Cellma is designed to manage urology practices, making patient care more accessible and effective. Embedded into Cellma are unique assessment tools, the parameters of which can be set up and defined by the user. Clinicians can use these tools to harmonise the treatment and assessment of patients/applicants across the organisation for urology. Urologists can record information at the point of contact, accessing standardised assessments created in Cellma.   

Patients can also self-triage from any location via the mobile app or the portal using a set of pre-defined e-forms that can be customised. These self-triage assessments will be stored in the patient record. A mixture of conventional touch screen, voice, and character recognition technologies facilitates real-time data entry, promoting the speed and accuracy of data captured. 

Cellma’s telemedicine functionality allows urologists to conduct remote consultations, follow-ups, and patient monitoring effectively.   

Cellma can integrate with laboratory and imaging systems for seamless test ordering and result retrieval thus provides real-time image sharing and annotation capabilities.  

In the Reporting Module, users can generate reports such as ensuring Urinalysis, PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) test, Renal function tests, Ultrasound of the urinary tract reports, test results, and other critical diagnostic information are readily available. Cellma can also identify various cohorts of patients; it matches the clinical condition with the demographics to provide reports for hotspots for certain conditions. This report can also be used for research purposes. 

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