COVID-19 App Privacy Policy

Purpose and use

“Verify my Vax TT” application built by RioMed Ltd. for use by the Ministry of Health – Trinidad and Tobago.

The Ministry of Health – Trinidad and Tobago, with the support of the Digital Transformation Agency, RioMed Ltd. in its role as the “Verify my Vax TT” IT service provider, (we, us, our) is implementing the “Verify my Vax TT” for the sole purpose of verification of digital Vaccination certificates of all the citizens within the territories and jurisdictions of Trinidad and Tobago by health officials (health officials).

If you have any questions about this policy, please email Our nominated representative for Data Protection is Shafeda Mohammad.

The digital certificate shows your COVID-19 vaccination details. It’s available because either:
  • You have received all required COVID-19 vaccinations
  • You have a valid medical contraindication to all COVID-19 vaccinations
Your COVID-19 digital certificate contains personal information about citizens. It shows the following information:
  • Full name, as recorded on the Immunisation Register
  • Date of birth
  • Individual Healthcare Identifier, if applicable
  • COVID-19 vaccination status
  • Brand names of the vaccinations you received, if applicable
  • Dates that you received the vaccinations, if applicable
  • Valid from date
  • Valid to date, if applicable
Runtime Application Permissions

In order to read the QRCode/Barcode, the application only requires the CAMERA permission. No pictures or videos are taken or stored on the device. The QRCode/Barcode data is decoded, its cryptographic signature is verified against the signing certificate downloaded from the national backend and the verification result is presented on the screen. No other permissions are required.

Storage of personal data

Personal data is only processed in the mobile application while the validity of the COVID certificate is being checked, and the application does not store personal data on the mobile device. COVID certificate data is stored for the period specified by the Ministry of Health – Trinidad & Tobago.

COVID Certificate Reader app

The reader app used by authorities processes the following personal data:

  • Name
  • QR code
  • Certificate ID
  • Information on the validity of the COVID certificate
Transfer or disclosure of personal data 

Data will not be disclosed outside of the “Verify my Vax TT” App. “Verify my Vax TT” app users will receive the user’s name, certificate ID and information on the validity of the COVID certificate (yes/no).

“Verify my Vax TT” app is created specifically for the COVID-19 response and may only access personal and sensitive data required to directly support the public health emergency and may only use the data collected to support COVID-19-related efforts or epidemiological research.

The processing of personal data in the “Verify my Vax TT” app is carried out on the controller’s behalf by RioMed Ltd, by the users at the Ministry of Health – Trinidad and Tobago who use the app. Personal data processors are bound by legislation and, where necessary, appropriate agreements have been concluded with the processors concerning the processing of personal data. Private actors are bound by law to non-disclosure.

Personal data processors may use subcontractors to enable provision of the service. Subcontractors are bound by the requirements of data protection legislation as far as they participate in personal data processing. Personal data processors and subcontractors do not process personal data for other purposes.

Right to withdraw consent

Personal data processing is based on the Communicable Diseases Act. You can remove the application from your phone at any time.

About us

RioMed Ltd. is a privately owned international software development company. We specialise in a clinical information system, providing dynamic and integrated digital solutions. RioMed effectively manages all aspects of the healthcare system and promotes the transition to a ‘paperless’ infrastructure.

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