Cellmaflex, a digital platform to grow your imaging services

Cellmaflex, your user-friendly digital platform, helps you to enhance operational efficiency with a broader reach to patients and increased revenue potential. 

Additionally, Cellmaflex gives you complete data security and helps provide improved communication. 

Cellmaflex assures seamless imaging management and reduces the chance of clinical errors.  

Imaging services

Through Cellmaflex Imaging Services Gets

Cellmaflex - Offerings and Features

  • Amplify chances of your revenue generation
  • Larger scope of patient reach through the Cellmaflex imaging directory
  • Simplified imaging operations and easy appointment management
  • Seamless exchange of imaging reports with patients and concerned HCPs
  • Get digital orders for imaging investigations
  • Enhance collaborations with HCPs
  • Receive automated notifications
  • Improve Patient satisfaction
  • Establish a solid online presence  

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